Welcome to First Steps English Play Group – The First Steps to school without the stress!



First Steps Playgroup aims to be more than a simple ‘daycare center’ but a bridge between home and the “big school”. Our goal is to promote the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development through play, learning in an effortless way which comes naturally to your child.

We are set in a friendly and welcoming environment, adapted to the young child, in which they can express themselves and develop in their own unique way, at their own pace.

The children are socialized to be ready for the structure of school in a more playful and enjoyable setting.

First Steps playgroup aims to give children unlimited opportunities to develop through imagination, creativity, and play. We set daily activities for the children to learn through games, role play, songs, painting, play dough, music, puzzles, as well as encouraging free play.

Whether your child is an English speaker or not, every session will be 100% in English. We create fun and engaging activities that capture the attention and promote the development of each individual child as a whole, as well as supporting their development of the English language.