0 – 3 Years of age:

Our highly qualified and experienced staff carry out meaningful observations as children independently choose activities and experiences.  Through observation, staff not only ensure your child’s needs and interested are being met, but they also enhance the provision to ensure that they build upon what children can already do and understand.

We provide children with the hands-on opportunity for exploration, repetition of tasks and investigation.

3 – 5 Years of age:

Our highly qualified and experienced staff create a well-organized and resourced learning space to encourage children to become independent and self-resilient.  We work alongside children to develop and support their learning and development.

Quality observations form the basis of our assessments and this then feeds into planning interesting and specific activities for individual children.

The curriculum is flexible and adaptable as we understand that children learn and develop at different rates.  We ensure that enough time is available for children to explore and revisit activities.

The Daily rhythm of activities, floor time and rest time if needed helps children to gain confidence and feel secure in their environment.

Adult / Child Ratio

First Steps Playgroup maintains an “English” Adult to Child Ratio so you can be confident that your child will receive the support and attention they require to excel in their development and reach their full potential.  This also means that places are limited and a waiting list will be used until we have enough children to enable us to employ another member of our staff.

As a Professionally Certified Teacher I can have approximately 30 children in my care however to give your child the best start in their learning life much smaller ratios will be adhered to.